Fake cleaning is the process of making your home look neat and tidy without performing a comprehensive clean. It is perfect for the times when unexpected guests knock on your door or extended family decide to pop over unannounced.


Here are 3 ways you can ‘fake’ clean your home:


#1 Shut all the Doors


Shutting the doors to all of the rooms that your guests won’t go in is a great way to hide unwanted mess. You can tidy things up from other rooms, throw them in the shut door rooms and it’ll look like your house is in order at first glance.


#2 Clean what they will See


This is similar to the shut door principle. If you know that your guests aren’t going to visit a particular part of your home, or if there are corners they will never see, pick up your mess and put it in these places.


That way you will be able to declutter the space they will see but still hide away the messy space they won’t see.


#3 Clear the Countertops


Clearing all of the clutter off of your countertops and giving them a quick wipe will give an air of order, without taking up too much time. This is the same for picking things up off of the floor or furniture. Rallying the household troops and doing a quick sweep is an amazingly efficient way to have your home looking in order in record time.


If you have a little more time to work with, why not book a commercial clean? We can help and would love to discuss your requirement. Call us on 01440 268044.