Cleaning using eco-friendly practices and chemicals makes for a better job that is less harmful and toxic to the environment. Where eco-friendly chemicals can be used, we use them.


Especially with our soft washing. It is important that the chemicals we use are biodegradable and have no negative effects on the environment.


Here are 3 reasons why we love eco-friendly cleaning and prefer it to old fashioned methods:


#1 Less Harmful


Using non-toxic, biodegradable chemicals means less damage will be done to the immediate and wider environment over time. These non-toxic substances work to reduce air and water pollution as well as being safer to plants and organic matter.


#2 Better Smell


Oftentimes, severe chemicals can do a good job in removing dirt, but they tend to smell very strong and synthetic. Eco-friendly products use naturally occurring fragrances, which smell pleasant and compliment the aroma of your home.


#3 Protects your Animals


Our eco-friendly products not only help to preserve the natural beauty of the environment but are also less harmful for house pets and animals, compared to severe, artificial cleaning chemicals. In addition, many different cleaning products contain ammonia, which can in turn encourage your pets to mark their territory around your home.


For more information on our eco-friendly cleaning processes, give us a call today on 01440 268 044.