You won't believe the difference!

Total transformation for almost any surface – without pressure washing.

Softwashing is a revolutionary new way to restore, clean and protect almost any exterior hard surface – including render, UPVC, roof tiles, cladding, brick, metalwork, woodwork, patios, driveways and more.

Softwash was invented in America by the U.S by horticulturalist A.C Lockyear who initially used his idea to create originally as a roof cleaning surface, but it quickly became clear how good it was for other surfaces too. Magic Wand Softwash is one of the first companies in the UK to start using the Softwash technique and have been completely blown away by the amazing results. Softwashing involves nothing more than garden hose pressure meaning there’s no chance of damage to the surface, there’s much less mess and we won’t degrade building materials.

The process involves applying the surface with a recipe of 100% biodegradable chemicals designed to kill and remove all organic matter fast. Once the chemical has been allowed to dwell for around five minutes – all of the moss, mould, mildew, lichen and algae will be dead and any discolouration will have melted away restoring the surfaces true colour. It is then rinsed with water and then finally treated with our final wash solution which neutralises all chemicals and leaves a buffing agent on the surface, leaving the treated area shining and in many cases looking brand new.

Unbelievable transformation – unbelievably fast
Increasing the lifespan of building materials

We’ll keep saying it, but the results of this process really are hard to believe. We often get customers thinking we’ve actually repainted their houses because the colour change is so dramatic, but it’s just the process doing its stuff.

There’s no more pressure than your average harden hose so there’s no damage and no mess from all of the spray. One of the greatest benefits is the long term saving. Because you’re actually treating and getting rid of the root cause of the damage, the results last for a lot longer and you’re actually preserving the life of the building materials that are being treated.

So you’re much less likely to need expensive redecoration or reconstruction work further down the line. That makes it cheaper not just in the short term – which it is – but massively so in the long term too.

It’s suitable for any scale of project, whether it’s a residential property or a large commercial or industrial site. We can also transform large surface areas made from almost any kind of material due to to the gentle pressure and environmentally-friendly processes.


 Wow, my house looks amazing! It looks like new and at half the price I would have had paid to have it repainted. Thank you Magic Wand – a fantastic service by a fantastic team!


 Magic Wand have visited this afternoon and Softwashed our rendered house and we are more than pleased. The finish is as good as new!


Pest control for buildings
Getting to the root of the problem

To understand why softwashing is so effective, it helps to appreciate what causes most of the issues with property damage. All moulds, mildews, fungi are living, breathing organisms that feed on the minerals in your building materials.

If left to dwell, their root systems will slowly degrade your walls, roof tiles, brickwork, render or any other surface, decreasing life expectancy and increasing the eventual costs of treatment and redecoration.

Organic matter can be the root cause of much more extensive problems such as damp, dry rot, complete roof failure, internal mould and mildew, and many other underlying building and health problems. These things all devalue your property. If treated with a regular softwashing maintenance programme it will increase lifespan of building materials, create a happier, healthier, more aesthetically pleasing environment, reduce ongoing maintenance costs, increase value of property and keep the building looking as it was intended to be.

Softwashing isn’t just about making things look nice – it actually gets rid of the cause of the problem, leaving you with a great looking building and saving you a whole heap of money in the longer term.

A bird’s eye view
Restore your of with lasting results

As you can imagine, birds create a lot of problems – not just with their own mess, but with the organisms they transfer between buildings.

Softwashing treats the underlying cause of the issues so the results not only look amazing, they last for ages. It’s not just cleaning, it’s a chemical treatment, so the finish is really impressive.

Summary of benefits
of the magical Softwashing system

N Suitable for almost any surface

N Fast, effective aesthetic solution

N Treats root causes for long term results

N Environmentally safe

N Significantly cheaper than redecoration

N Speeds up the sale or lease of a property

N Preserves building materials over time

N Avoids the damage and mess of pressure washing

N Flexible, transportable solution for any site or scale

N Trusted company with proven experience and reliability

Whatever the project, we’ve got the solution
Magic Wand can also handle heavy-duty cleaning

For heavy duty requirements for removal for material such as aged tar, we use The DOFF. An expertly engineered system that utilises a normal water supply to remove some of the more resistant forms of dirt or markings from a range of surfaces.

The water supply is fed into a hot-box where it is subjected to temperatures as high as 150℃. The resultant heated water, or vapour, is then filtered through the heat resistant hoses to the nozzle at a rate of between 3 to 10 litres per minute. Once cleaned, the surface dries within minutes to prevent any long-term damage as a result of trapped moisture.

We also provide a Dry Ice Blasting service. A form of carbon dioxide cleaning, where dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide, is accelerated in a pressurized air stream and directed at a surface in order to clean it. It also reduces or eliminates employee exposure to the use of chemical cleaning agents.

It works similarly to sandblasting or high-pressure steam blasting. Dry ice blasting is so effective because the cold temperature of the ice blasts against the material that needs to be removed, shrinks it (thanks to the chill), and leaves the remaining surface untouched.

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