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Q. Are the chemicals harmful to plants, pets or people?

No, all our chemicals are 100% biodegradable and are neutralised during the process making it totally safe.

Q. How long does a treatment last?

On average, a softwash treatment lasts approximately three times longer than pressure washing, so depending on the surrounding environment about 3-5 years is a good estimate.

Q. How does softwashing increase the lifespan of my building materials?

All of the organic matter that stains your building needs food to survive and that food is the minerals in your roof tiles, render, bricks etc. The longer it sits on your building, the more it degrades it.

Q. Do you have proper training and accreditations?

Magic Wand has been highly trained and accredited by the world’s leading authority on softwashing softwash systems.

Q. How long does a treatment take?

All buildings vary but on average a three-bed semi-detached house would usually take about four hours.

Q. I have no idea how to clean my roof or render and I don’t want anybody damaging anything.

Softwashing is a brand-new revolutionary form of cleaning in the UK. It eliminates the traditional fears of men dangerously walking on the roof with a pressure washer or somebody blowing chunks of render away with high pressure.

Q. The use of chemicals worries me. Is it safe?

There is nothing to worry about. When conducted by trained professionals, softwashing is 100% safe. All chemicals are 100% bio-degradable and neutralised during the process. Magic Wand have been highly trained and we are accredited by the world’s leading authority on softwashing.

Q. Can softwashing clean my caravan or motorhome?

Yes, absolutely. Softwashing will clean your motorhome to a fantastic finish and protect it from the elements.

Q. Will it remove heavy moss from my roof?

Softwashing will kill the heavy moss on your roof, turning it bright white. However, heavy moss will remain on your roof unless manually cleaned. A softwash treatment will assist in removing the moss, although this can take months of rainfall.

Q. Why do we let our buildings get infested with mineral munching fungus, mould and mildew? There’s no point cleaning it, the mould and fungus will quickly return and I’ll be back to square one.

Wrong, unlike pressure washing, softwashing will kill 100% of the bacteria on the building and leave an invisible residue that will prevent it from returning for years to come.

We have to re-paint our render every 10 years anyway, there’s no point paying out more money to clean it.

Wrong, softwashing your render every few years will infinitely increase the lifespan of the paint. Manufacturers guarantees are what they are because the makers anticipate the standard amount of weathering and bacterial growth. If you eliminate the growth from the equation, the paint lasts longer.

There’s a certain aesthetic beauty to it, it helps the building blend with its environment.

When you find damp/mould in your house behind a bookcase, do you think ‘I like it, lets theme the room around it’? No. 
If you park your car under a tree for 24 hours and come back to find it smothered in leaves, berries or bird mess, do you stand and marvel at how well your car is blending with the environment? No. 
Like many things in human nature, we generally do what most other people do. Very few people clean their roof or render, so naturally there’s few people actively looking to have theirs cleaned. Does this make it the right opinion? No.


 Wow, my house looks amazing! It looks like new and at half the price I would have had paid to have it repainted. Thank you Magic Wand – a fantastic service by a fantastic team!


 Magic Wand have visited this afternoon and Softwashed our rendered house and we are more than pleased. The finish is as good as new!


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