Spring is upon us and there’s a reason spring cleaning is such a big thing around the world. It is the perfect time to organise the chaos that collects over the winter months as well as being a great opportunity to benefit from the sun.


Here are 3 spring cleaning tips you must take action on now:


#1 Wash Everything!


Now that the sun is starting to shine, it is the best time to strip off any furniture covers and curtains around your home that haven’t been washed in months. Washing these and then hanging them up outside to dry in the sun is a great way to air them out and add an extra dimension of freshness to your home


#2 Clean out your Fridge


Winter can make your home particularly messy if it has been cold and wet for many months. We tend to hibernate inside, ordering takeaway food and filling our fridge with whatever sweet goodies we can to make us feel better about the ensuing darkness and cold.


Once you know it, your fridge is packed with unwanted foods, of which some are rotting away at the back without you even knowing it. Spring can be a great time to chuck out everything you don’t want from your fridge so that you can give it a deep clean ready for the summer.


#3 Revamp your Wardrobe


This is a bit of a surprise feature but getting rid of old winter clothes that don’t fit will not only make your home tidier but will offer up more space for your summer outfits.


We often stuff old clothes that we’ve never worn or that don’t fit in the bottom of drawers or at the back of wardrobes. We recommend going through all of your bedroom storage and bagging up all items of clothing that you don’t want. You can then throw away the items that are unwearable or better yet, send them off to charity so someone who is in need can have them.


Here are our top 3 spring cleaning tips to help you get your home ready for summer and we hope you enjoyed them!


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