Recently, we wrote a post on how you can manage a chaotic workplace with colleagues who hold cleaning very low on their priority list. Workplace hygiene is a serious issue.


In this article, we look at work place hygiene habits and why malpractice can cause massive business issues.


What are the Stats?


Did you know that over 1 in 10 workers feel their health has been affected as a result of bad hygiene from other colleagues?


In addition, some workplaces report that up to 40% of their workforce will be off due to sickness throughout the winter months. That causes a massive detrimental effect on team moral as well as the business finances.


More worryingly, at least 15% of people have experience food poisoning from the workplace with 1 in 10 contracting a skin condition from their time spent at work.


What Can Be Done?


Some of the biggest culprits of spreading poor workplace hygiene habits is sneezing, not washing hands, not flushing the toilet and not emptying bins.


One of the best ways to tackle poor workplace hygiene habits is to set a standard and send out a message to all colleagues warning them of the risks that they face.


Investing in some hand sanitiser and good anti-bacterial wipes is also a great idea as you will be able to keep control of the spreading of bad bacteria this way. We also recommend that you keep on top of the cleaning and organisation at your workplace. File away paperwork, empty the bins and get rid of any food stuffs that may be lying around your desk.


If you are really worried about your workplace’s uncleanliness, you should approach senior management and voice your concerns.


Then, it’s time to get the cleaners in to perform a fully comprehensive office clean.


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