Over the years, there have been many different cleaning gadgets to have hit the market, changing household cleaning environment for many years to come.


Here are 3 amazing cleaning tech gadgets that have hit the market in 2019:


#1 The Sanitizing Wand


cleaning wand

The CleanWave Portable Sanitizing Wand is a revolutionary bacteria busting piece of tech that emits a UV light that kills viruses. The wand projects a UV light that can be waved over sinks, toilets and work tops. It requires no chemicals and is completely portable, which makes it the handiest tool for any germaphobe who may be interested.


#2 The Robot Mop


cleaning tech

This amazing piece of tech can be set on autopilot and will mop your floors with no additional effort on your part. The Mopet Robot Mop has been designed to guarantee a clean house as it promises to pick up dust, grit and dirt around your home.


#3 The Robot Cleaning Ball


cleaning ball

The Robot Cleaning Ball from Firebox Mocoro is part automated cleaning machine and part fun toy. The ball moves around on its own accord and will change direction every time it comes up against an immovable obstruction. The ball comes across as being incredibly cute and playful and it can be a wonderful toy that your pets will love to chase!


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