We’re all about giving you the cleaning tips you need to keep your home looking in great order. Although we specialise in softwashing buildings, we have a lot of experience cleaning the inside of homes, offices and a variety of other buildings.


Here are 5 weird and wonderful cleaning tips that you can use to clean your home:


#1 Flip Flops and Pet Hair


Starting off as weird as it gets, did you know that using a flip flop can be one of the best ways to remove unwanted pet hair? It’s a great substitute for washing up gloves and can be used to easily wipe up any pet hair on your furniture or carpet.


#2 Baby Oil and Finger Prints


Baby oil isn’t only useful for moisturising skin. It can be the perfect cleaning solution to lift greasy finger prints and marks off of stainless steel and other surfaces.


#3 Toothpaste and Trainers


Scrubbing your white trainers is one of the best ways to clean off any unwanted dirt and make your trainers look brand new. You should try it next time your shoes need a clean!


#4 Ketchup and Copper


Using ketchup to clean your copper pots and pans is the best way to making them look brand new. The acidity works wonders and will turn a tarnished pan into a brand new piece of art from only one application!


#5 Vodka and Bathrooms


Vodka is one of the best ways to clean the porcelain in your bathrooms. It may smell a bit funny at first, but once the odour subsides, you’ll be left with a sparkly new bathroom.We hope you enjoyed these weird and wonderful cleaning tips.

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