Today’s blog post is going to be slightly different in that we’re moving away from our usual softwashing and commercial cleaning related content and more so towards how you can manage an untidy workplace.


There’s nothing worse than heading over to the communal kitchen and finding used teabags in the sink and dirty dishes stacked up on the countertops. Here are 3 ways to manage in a dirty workplace:


#1 Create a Policy


Having a rota or policy in place is the number one way to guarantee an orderly work environment. These work specifically well for the kitchen and communal areas.


The best areas to focus on are the rubbish bin, surfaces, microwave and fridge. If you can keep these in order, then your time spent at the office is going to be much more enjoyable.


#2 Reward Success


So, you have a rota in place, but what do you have to incentivise other employees to stick to it. The answer? Reward them for good behaviour.


Your co-workers should be mature and adult enough to stick to the rota anyway, as it will be mutually beneficial for everyone to do so, but for those who struggle, you may have to offer them something they like. This can take the form of some fancy biscuits or could even involve bringing in a new, fancy coffee machine. Whatever it is, get creative with it!


#3 Get the Cleaners In


Regardless of how well your rota is working, you are going to need to have commercial cleaners in, often twice daily, to maintain a good standard of cleanliness throughout the office.


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