Mildew or household ‘mould’ as it is commonly referred to is often an unwanted, pesky issue that many homeowners face if they live in old or poorly ventilated properties.


In a traditional sense, mould and mildew are actually different. Mould is a more common type of plant fungi that is fuzzier in its appearance as well as being typically found outside on walls, concrete or organic produce.


Mildew on the other hand has a grainier appearance, that can often speckle itself across damp walls inside the home. It thrives in humid environments and tends to grow in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.


Both, however, can be very harmful and must be taken care of as soon as they are noticed.


How Do You Prevent Mildew?


Prevention is always better than a cure, which is why we suggest that you take all the necessary steps possible to reduce the chances of this fungi growing inside your home.


The best way to prevent mildew from growing is by keeping your property clean. Any type of dirt, scum or grease that is allowed to accrue in your home will attract the growth of mildew. Moreover, it is important to keep all of your pipework and appliances in good order, as breakages and cracks can lead to leaks, which cause bacterial and fungal growth.


How Do You get Rid of Mildew?


The best way to get rid of mildew is by washing it off the site that it has been allowed to grow on.


Whereas harsh chemicals like hydrogen peroxide can be used on tiling and grout, you may want to opt for a slightly less toxic solution such as vinegar when wiping away mildew on more delicate surfaces.


What Can You Do to Stop Mildew from Coming Back?


Mildew will always return to warm and wet environments that are dirty and cluttered.


It is imperative to maintain proper circulation and room humidity throughout your home, in order to stave off any potential fungal growth. We recommend investing in a high-quality de-humidifier if you do live in such conditions, as this well help to draw out any moisture that mildew relies on to grow.


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