There are a number of issues that external building dirt can cause to the integrity of a building’s structure and curb appeal. In this article, we explore 3 ways external dirt can damage buildings and what can happen if it is left for too long.

#1 Reduced Curb Appeal

Dirt on the facades and roofs of buildings not only can be damaging to the structure but can often look rather unsightly. Leaving dirt to accrue on the outside of a building reduces its curb appeal and makes buildings look as if they are derelict. This can cause a multitude of issues especially if your building is used for commercial needs. For example, a shop that has a dirty store front may get overlooked by passers-by, leading to fewer walk-ins. Moreover, a dirty office building may reflect badly on your business and deter future clients from wanting to work with you.

#2 Dirty Buildings Increase Crime

When a building is left untreated and a large layer of dirt is allowed to form, oftentimes it can attract unwanted members of the public. This often happens in the form of people looking to graffiti or cause damage to public property as a dirty building can often be presumed as being vacant. If a large proportion of buildings in the local vicinity are left untreated, this can often lower the perceived value of the area and attract further crime too.

#3 Frost Damage

Algae is oftentimes found on buildings that have been left dirty for long periods of time. When algae grows on a building’s external walls or roof, it can speed up the deterioration of the render and structure. When it rains on a surface with a large covering of algae, the external walls and roof of a building can never totally dry out. This is because algae uses the moisture to grow. When there are changes in temperature and a frost occurs, the algae expands and contracts. As algae will grow deep into cracks on the building’s exterior, this can cause enough movement to compromise the external structure. If left alone, the algae will continue to expand and contract during each temperature change cycle, further damaging your property over time.

In order to preserve your building’s look and external structure, you must take action at the first signs of dirt build up. Whether your building is suffering from a biological infestation like algae or carbon pollution from vehicles, Magic Wand Softwashing can take care of it.


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