Softwashing is the new revolution in external building cleaning. Whether you’re looking to clean roof tiles, render, UPVC or more, softwashing is the perfect low cost, low intrusion solution for your property cleaning needs.

We’ve seen it all here at Magic Wand Softwashing and we’ve worked with some big name clients too (think McDonalds and Bidwells etc)! We’ve worked our magic on heavily carbon polluted buildings, properties infested with mildew and algae as well as getting rid of those unwanted pieces of graffiti art that pop up regularly on corner shops around the country.

In this article, we’re going to outline the top 3 wonders of softwashing and why you need to book your FREE test patch now!

#1 100% Biodegradeable

Softwashing is a completely environmentally friendly cleaning solution that is perfectly safe to use around pets, children and natural wildlife. Not only are the chemical solutions carefully formulated by our specialist technicians, but they include no harmful or toxic substances that could damage the environment around your property.

#2 Soft by Name, Soft by Nature

Softwashing is a much gentler cleaning solution compared to traditional pressure washing. Using a low-pressure hose, softwashing relies on the carefully formulated solution to magic away the dirt as opposed to using the course nature of high-pressure water. This means there’s never any building damage, erosion or chips, which not only makes your building look great, but it keeps it functioning properly for years to come!

#3 Cost Effective

Softwashing is so cost effective that many of our clients avoid having to cough up a lot of money for a total redecoration, as the softwashing effects are so great. This means that there is no need for expensive scaffolding, no covering of pavements or floors and definitely no unwanted paint spills. Softwashing really is the best way to clean your property fast for as cheap as possible.

How Do I Book My FREE Test Patch?

For a limited time only, we are offering our customers a FREE softwashing test patch to any part of your external building. This could be the render, roof, pavement or windows or whatever you are in need of cleaning.


For more information and how to book your FREE test patch, call us now on 01440 268044.