Both softwashing and pressure washing are great ways of cleaning a variety of surfaces, however each have their particular strengths and weaknesses when combating different grades of dirt.


Difference #1: Damage


Softwashing by name is a particularly gentle way of cleaning dirt away from buildings and roofs. It relies on the effectiveness of the bespoke, softwashing cleaning solutions used as opposed to the hard force of pressure washing to get rid of dirt.


Pressure washing can be useful in getting rid of dirt that is particularly tenacious, however it will often chip and damage the underlying surface too. This is a risk you do not take when using a softwashing service to clean your building’s walls or roof.


Difference #2: Complexity


Softwashing relies on an intricate mix of specially formulated chemicals to dissolve away the specific dirt that is being targeted. What works on led casing may not work well on a building’s render and softwashing is the perfect way to tailor the cleaning process to the job at hand.


Pressure washing on the other hand is more of a primitive means of cleaning. Regardless of the surface type or fragility, hard water is used to blast dirt off of surfaces under high pressure. If you are looking to clean something that is delicate and impressionable, we always recommend using a softwash treatment.


Difference #3: Safety


Softwashing is one of the safer methods of cleaning. The cleaning solutions include a mix of chemicals that are both environmentally friendly and non-harmful. The solutions are often left to work on a building to maximise the effect of the chemicals.


Pressure washing on the other hand often dictates that your building or pathway is shut off from the public, as to avoid making contact with passers-by. Due to the nature of the high-pressured jets, technicians and the public must be extremely careful not to come into direct with the hose.


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