Organising a commercial clean and getting cleaners in to carry out a regular job can take time and perseverance (if only all cleaning companies were like Magic Wand!). In this article, we are going to give you three things to look out for when judging how well your commercial cleaning company are performing.


#1 Timeliness


Is the cleaning company you’re working with always on time, or do they show up late? Delays are common in the cleaning industry, but do they call to let you know why they’re running late and do they keep you posted about when they’ll arrive?


Sometimes delays are inevitable, but communication is key and it is always the responsibility of the cleaning company to keep you in the loop.


#2 Cleaning Standards


How well are they getting the job done? Cast an eye over the job and see whether they have taken care of the major issues. Then, look a little closer and check those hard to reach places. If your cleaning company is not doing a good enough job and not living up to expectation, then you should approach them and have a conversation. If they fail to realise their deficit, then end your agreement and move on.


#3 Know the Staff


Are the cleaning staff who show up to clean your office or home turning up every week, or do you find different members of staff carrying out the clean. Sometimes it’s worth asking your cleaning company if you can have a set team that will show up every week. This will ensure they know the property well enough to get cracking as soon as they show up.


We hope these three tips help you in understanding how well your cleaning company is performing. If you are a previous client or looking for a change, why not get in touch with us today to book a consultation.

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