Ever heard the saying, “it looks like a building site in here’? This saying is used to describe something or some place that is very dirty and cluttered.


If you’ve ever visited a building site, you will understand why people say this.


Building sites are often made up of completed, semi-completed and still under construction homes, where contractors and building staff must work to finish the whole site. This means that a large amount of dirt, dust and mess can be brought in and out of new and partially constructed homes alike.


There are different types of post construction cleaning services.


Oftentimes, contractors will carry out what’s known as a ‘builders clean’, which will be a type of top-level sweep across the board, cleaning what can be cleaned in a short amount of time. Cleaning contractors may then be called in when a ‘sparkle clean’ is needed, which is the more comprehensive type of clean required when a home or building is being prepared for sale.


Building sites may also have site offices, staff facilities, washrooms and locker rooms that need cleaning after a build or on an ongoing process.


Magic Wand offer specialist post construction cleaning and have highly trained cleaning specialists who are well experienced in the diverse aspects of cleaning building sites.


Whether your post construction cleaning requirement entails taking care of flooring, cladding, brickwork, ventilation ducts, natural store or anything else, Magic Wand can take care of it.


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