At Magic Wand, we are big fans of doing anything we can to make our lives simpler. Sometimes, it is the small things like making your bed in the morning or keeping your home clean and tidy that can set you up for a positive and productive day.


Here are 3 ways that making your bed in the morning (and keeping your home clean) can help to improve your life:


#1 It Leads to Good Habits


Forcing yourself to get up in the morning and make your bed is a great way to build positive habits into your routine. By making your bed every morning you have in essence woken up with one goal in mind that you have achieved within the first few minutes of awaking. This creates positive momentum, which you can in turn apply to the next task of the day that you must conquer.


#2 It Creates a Positive Mindset


Have you ever cleaned your home or spent any time in a perfectly organised hotel? Well, if the answer is yes, you will know what it feels like to feel organised and clutter free. There’s a lot to be said for an organised environment. Spending time in environments that are conducive to productivity will help you maintain a positive outlook and the feeling that you can tackle anything.


#3 It Just Looks Better


Having a made bed and a clean and tidy room will always just simply look better than having a messy room. This applies also to the general state of your home, especially your outside walls. At Magic Wand Group, we specialise in transforming peoples’ homes using the power of softwashing.


If your home is looking dirty or a little tired on the outside, how is that currently making you feel? Do you avert your eyes away from the mess when you get home from work? Or, are you embarrassed by what your home looks like? We recommend booking in a softwashing test patch (which we are offering for free), that will help demonstrate how effective softwashing is in transforming your building’s look.


For a limited time only, Magic Wand Softwash are offering a FREE patch test to new clients. For more information and to claim your FREE patch test, call us on 01440 268044.