Softwashing is one of the most effective external building cleaning methods on the market today. Instead of relying on blasting dirt away, such as how pressure-washing works, softwashing is a much gentler approach that relies on the power of specially tailored, eco-friendly chemical solutions to dissolve the dirt away.


Aren’t Chemicals Bad?


Whenever the word ‘chemical’ is used, people tend to think negatively about their potential harm and toxicity. However, not all chemicals are unnatural and damaging to the environment. In fact, the chemicals used in softwashing are eco-friendly and safe to administer. They are water based and bio-degradable, which means after a certain number of days, they will break down into carbon and water molecules that get naturally absorbed by the environment.


Doesn’t Softwashing Waste Water?


The art of successful softwashing is based upon using the right formula of chemicals, at the right levels of concentration, using as little amount of water as possible. The cleaning method is also localised, which means the solution and water isn’t spread across areas that don’t need it, thus minimising waste.


What About the Application Process?


The softwashing application process is very simple and straightforward. There is no need to leave harsh chemicals to sit on surfaces for any lengthy period of time, nor is there a requirement for rainwater to wash everything away. In fact, softwashing actually lasts 4-6 times longer than the cleaning effects of pressure-washing or other cleaning methods. This means that fewer applications are needed over the lifespan of your building.


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