The magic of softwashing lies in the fact that it is one of the most non-intrusive, non-abrasive methods of cleaning a building. Thus, the preparation required for softwashing is often minimal.

If you have booked your FREE test patch or equally, are awaiting your first day of softwashing with Magic Wand, we do still advise that you do the following:

Tidy Up

Although the chemicals used in our commercial softwashing solutions have no harmful effects on the environment, it is often a good idea to clear away any important items that may be around your building. This isn’t so much to protect them from the liquid solution, but more so that our team of trained specialists have a chance to navigate around your property with ease. If there are cars or large items in the way, this can sometimes slow down the cleaning process as they will have to be moved.

Shut All Windows and Doors

Magic Wand uses a bespoke formulated chemical solution that is administered through a low-pressure hose. This means that there is minimal damage or abrasion caused to your building, unlike other high-pressured cleaning solutions.

The solution, however is still liquid and therefore will get into any nooks and crannies that you may not want it to. It’s always best to shut all of your windows and doors to prevent any run off from entering your building.

Give Notice

Magic Wand softwashing is one of the most effective and time efficient external building cleaning solutions on the market today. If you have a commercial building, we advise that you inform all of your staff and the necessary personnel that may be affected by our team onsite.

Our team are highly trained and also very friendly, so there should never be a problem regarding access or getting in the way. If there is, feel free to speak to one of our team members and they will be happy to move for you.


For a limited time only, Magic Wand Softwash are offering a FREE test patch to new clients. For more information and to claim your FREE test patch, call us on 01440 268044.