Prior to the 1950s, skyscrapers often had mad thousands of windows that could be opened and closed. Window cleaners could then harness up, strap into a secure fastening system and hang outside of each window in order to clean it one at a time.


However, after the 1950s, skyscrapers started using a technology called glass curtain walling which changed how the windows could be cleaned. A glass curtain wall system is in effect how skyscraper facades are made. They feature a network of structural and aesthetic features that are combined into one large section of glass walling. In effect, the walls are made out of windows that cannot be opened or closed. This makes cleaning skyscrapers very difficult and as a result, many specialist mechanisms have evolved to get the job done.


Most skyscrapers today are cleaned by a Boom, Carriage or Portable Davit system. The Boom and Carriage system both involve a semi-permanent mechanism on the roof of the building for a platform to be attached to. The platform can then be lowered down each section, enabling multiple cleaners at one time to clean each section of the façade.


The Portable Davit system is a less permanent option and requires a little more manoeuvring before each clean. It is used predominantly for small buildings, whereby the Davit masts are moved and fixed into the Davit bases depending on what part of the building is being cleaned. The Davit components can be lowered out of sight, which makes them a favourable option for building tops within eyeline.


We’ve cleaned all types of buildings here at Magic Wand. One of our favourite cleaning methods is the eco-friendly softwashing solution that can dissolve away organic and man-made dirt within minutes.


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