So, Christmas is over for another year and the extended family have all gone home but the house is a mess and it’s time for a change. Maybe it’s time to set some cleaning New Year’s Resolutions?


The New Year is the perfect opportunity to set some cleaning goals to make your life slightly more clutter free, so that you can feel proud of your home.


Here are 5 cleaning New Year’s Resolutions you must have if you want to have a clean home for 2019:


#1 Pack it Up


Small bits and pieces cluttering your home? Are you chest of drawers, tables and shelves covered with small items that you never use? If you don’t want to throw anything away, pop it into a box, seal it and store it in the loft. That way it’ll be out of sight and out of mind.


#2 Throw it Away


For all of those items that you don’t use and never want to see again, set aside an hour or two to get rid of them all. Make sure to separate your junk into piles, so that what is recyclable can be recycled. Take larger items to a high street charity shop or ship them off to the dump. You’ll be amazed at the new-found space you will have in your home!


#3 Give it a Paint


Not really a ‘cleaning’ job per say, but a fresh lick of paint internally can make your home look brand new. Paint is a great way to cover up any stains you may have from the kids, food or smoking. We suggest going with neutral colours such as an off-white or eggshell tone or any colour the compliments the lighting in your home.


#4 Invest in Larger Projects


The New Year is a great time to book in that cleaning job that you’ve been putting off for years. If the outside walls of your home are dirty, we recommend opting for an effective softwashing solution. We’ve been softwashing homes and commercial buildings for a number of years and know that a good softwashing can make a building look brand new. Not only are our solutions eco-friendly, but they are quick to take effect and are always administered by our skilled team of professionals.


#5 Don’t Stress


Most important of all, don’t take your cleaning too seriously. Having a messy home is not the end of the world, so just do what you can, when you can.


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