There’s no point having a clean home if your driveway is dirty. A dirty driveway can devalue your home and make your property look a lot tattier than it really is.


Going from dirty to clean driveway depends on how large your driveway is and what resources you have to get the job done. Sometimes you can blast away the dirt using a pressure washer, but we would always recommend getting the professionals in to clean your driveway properly.


Here are our top tips to clean your driveway:


#1 Sweep it Up!


First, take a broom and forcefully sweep all debris and organic matter off of your driveway. Brush it towards one corner, pick it up and stick it in the green bin or on the compost heap. This will make it easier to apply cleaning solutions and the water jets to clean off the deeper dirt.


#2 Apply your Solutions


Finding the right cleaning solution will depend on what material your driveway is made out of. If it is a concrete driveway, we recommend picking up and concrete brick and tile cleaner. If it is tarmac, there are various other cleaning solutions you can use specifically for that material. Using the correct cleaning solution will help release the dirt build up on your driveway giving you the best chance to blast the dirt away with water jets.


#3 Wet, Brush and Blast


Oftentimes, driveway cleaning solutions require the application of water to activate their various cleaning components. You can throw a bucket of water over or sprinkle the hose to achieve this. Next, you will need to scrub the surface, applying a lot of pressure to loosen the dirt. Once finished, you will need to take a hose or pressure washer to blast the dirty water and cleaning solution away.


Cleaning your driveway can take some time, that’s why we recommend getting the professionals in! For a FREE cleaning test patch, call us now on 01440 268 044.