Magic Wand formulate our own special softwashing solutions that can be used across a broad spectrum of surfaces. Although the most common surfaces we clean are roofs and render, check out the list below for some of the things we can softwash that you wouldn’t expect:


#1 Gravestones

Softwashing is a perfect solution to be used to clean gravestones. It means that the need for a loud and disruptive pressure washing pump is avoided as well as the fact that softwashing is much more agile, as it relies less on singular tap points.

#2 Steel

Softwashing is a great way to clean steel that is old and rusty. Our specially formulated softwashing solutions help to dissolve away corrosion, thus preserving your steel frames and features for much longer than if they had been left untreated.

#3 Zinc

Softwashing, believe it or not, can be used to clean zinc roofs. However, we always recommend having a FREE test patch carried out to see if the desired cleaning effect can be achieved.

#4 Red Algae

Red algae causes unsightly red stains, often to a building’s render, which if left to grow can cause damage to your building’s exterior form. Softwashing can be used to dissolve away red algae and the best results often occur within a month of first treatment.

#5 Lead Flashing

Softwashing can be used to treat oxidisation stains on lead flashing. If the softwashing solution is left for too long on lead, it can often leave a white looking finish. To avoid this, we only ever leave a softwashing solution on a surface for as long as it is meant to be there. We may also give the lead flashing a light scrub and cover with a high-quality patination oil to reinstate the traditional buffed look of lead, if required.


For a limited time only, Magic Wand Softwash are offering a FREE patch test to new clients. For more information and to claim your FREE patch test, call us on 01440 268044.