Softwashing is one of the most effective solutions to cleaning buildings externally. It produces amazing results and normally at a fraction of the cost of other cleaning and redecoration services.


Here are 3 reasons why you need to a hire a softwashing expert to clean your building:


#1 It’s Cheaper

Softwashing is one of the most cost-effective cleaning solutions on the market today. Although other cleaning solutions do work, such as pressure washing, softwashing has less negative side effects and can often be done in a quicker amount of time.

Due to the powerful nature of the bespoke softwashing solutions used, softwashing helps to dissolve the dirt away. Every solution is water-based and is a much cheaper alternative to painting or totally redecorating your building.

#2 It’s Less Damaging

As softwashing is carried out under low pressure, it protects buildings from any unnecessary chipping or abrasion. The bespoke created water-based solutions run gently over your building’s walls and roof, working to dissolve the dirt away as opposed to getting rid of it through blasting.

The chemicals used in softwashing aren’t toxic and therefore pose no risk to your building’s staff or users. There may be some surface run off, but this again has no adverse effects.

#3 It’s Environmentally Friendly

Softwashing is one of the most environmentally friendly chemical cleaning solutions out there. The intricate mix of chemicals we use to clean buildings are environmentally friendly and cause no negative effects to your building’s surroundings. The chemicals are incredibly effective in dissolving away a range of external building dirt, but they pose no risk to animals or natural vegetation.


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