Building dirt comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be green or black, smelly or odourless but is usually always unwanted and unsightly.


Getting rid of building dirt can involve a number of process, but none are more effective than Magic Wand Softwashing. See the below for the 3 most unwanted types of building dirt:


#1 Algae

Algae is a natural living organism and tends to grow on surfaces that promote damp and wet conditions. It is distinctly green in colour and can often smell if left to fester and grow. Algae is a particularly damaging type of building dirt due to its ability to grow in almost any space.

When your building has tight spots or minor cracks, algae can quickly assume these positions to multiply. In addition, when the weather changes, from hot to cold, the moisture in the algae will freeze and melt. This causes it to expand and contract, which will damage cracks further in a building if it has been allowed to grow.

#2 Carbon Pollution

You know that black, thick dirt that is found on most inner-city buildings? Well, that’s from carbon particles that are being emitted by the cars we drive. What’s more, things are only going to get worse, with more new cars on the road, growing populations and the already existent strain that exists on our narrow British roads.

Getting rid of carbon pollution can be difficult and the best way to do so is oftentimes to use a specially formulated softwashing solution. High pressure washing may strip away carbon pollution too, but it will also work to chip away at your property’s render.

#3 Grafitti

Not from natural causes, but something that is increasingly becoming a problem for both rural and inner-city buildings is graffiti. If your property is located in a particularly poor lit or hidden area, the likelihood of having it defaced by graffiti is high. Graffiti is another type of building dirt that can be cleaned using a variety of methods.


However, the most often used and best fit for purpose technique is that of softwashing. For a limited time only, Magic Wand Softwash are offering a FREE test patch to new clients. For more information and to claim your FREE test patch, call us on 01440 268044.